If you encounter a problem, please check if it has not been reported previously in our GitHub issue tracker. Note that we also have our internal issue tracking system and we might already be aware of your problem, but just did not get around to fixing it. Still, it is worthwhile to bring your use case to our attention so that we know it is affecting you / your use case.

The Renode team and community may also be aware of some workarounds or alternative ways to accomplish what you want to do and suggest those.

To speed up the process of getting help, please:

  1. reduce your example to the minimal example that still does not work for you (e.g. simplify the software that is crashing to its most basic equivalent exhibiting identical symptoms, only execute the Monitor command that does not work for you etc.)

  2. state the operating system you are working on, Renode version used, and if possible, what you are trying to achieve (context helps!)

  3. provide all the files and commands needed to reproduce the problem 1:1 (.repl, .resc files), precompiled binary in the ELF format

  4. provide logs - the Renode log and UART terminal output where relevant

  5. it helps if you can provide sources for your example, along with compilation instructions

Following those recommendations will help us confirm the bug and act on it.

Please note that if for some reason you are not able to share your setup publicly, or you need priority support, Antmicro provides commercial services for Renode. For more information, please contact

Last update: 2024-05-24