Metrics analyzer

Renode enables collecting execution data from the simulation and allows profiling the execution itself. Currently supported execution metrics:

  • executed instructions,

  • memory accesses,

  • peripheral accesses,

  • exceptions.


To enable profiling in Renode, type:

(monitor) machine EnableProfiler "path_to_dump_file"

Run the simulation. The profiler is now collecting data from the metrics. Close Renode once this step is finished. As a result, you will get a dump file with collected metrics.

The dump can be analyzed using the metrics_parser Python library or visualised with the provided helper script.


To display graph representations of the collected data by means of the visualizer bundled with Renode follow these steps:

Additional prerequisites

To install prerequisites for the metrics visualization layer, run the following command from the root Renode directory

python3 -m pip install --user -r tools/metrics_analyzer/metrics_visualizer/requirements.txt

Run script

Run the following script:

python3 tools/metrics_analyzer/metrics_visualizer/ path_to_dump_file

As a result, a window with graphs should appear, similar to the one presented below.

Last update: 2024-05-24