State saving and loading

Renode allows you to save the state of the emulation to a file.

Such a file can be transferred to another user and then loaded to fully recreate the original setup. No additional binaries or configuration files are required.

To save the emulation state to a file called statefile.dat, run:

(monitor) Save @statefile.dat

This file can be used with the Load command:

(monitor) Load @statefile.dat

It is important to remember that a state file created on one version of Renode may not be compatible with another one.

Please note that loading the state file clears the current emulation, and is equivalent to:

(monitor) Clear
(monitor) Load @statefile.dat


After the state is loaded, you must manually set the Monitor’s context and reopen the UART windows:

(monitor) mach set 0
(machine-0) showAnalyzer sysbus.uart

State saving in tests

It’s possible to use the state saving and loading mechanism when defining complex Robot tests. For details see the Test cases dependencies section.

Last update: 2024-05-24