Running your first demo

Your Renode installation contains a number of example scripts, located in the scripts/ directory (for example, if you installed from Linux packages, this will be in /opt/renode/scripts on your PC).

You can run any of those demos using the include or start command (i and s for short) with the script’s path (by default relative to the Renode installation directory and your current working directory) as a parameter. For example, run a single node STM32F4 Discovery demo as follows:

s @scripts/single-node/stm32f4_discovery.resc

Remember about Tab autocompletion, which will hint you what demos are available.

The binaries for the demos are hosted on our servers, and can be replaced with your own by setting the $bin variable before loading the script (or changing its value inside the script).

You are free to copy any of the provided demo scripts to your preferred directory and modify them as necessary to match your needs, they should work even from within a different path as they typically only use paths relative to the Renode installation directory.

You can also run a script by passing its path to the renode command, this will be interpreted as running Renode and using include @/path/to/script.resc (note that you will have to start the emulation manually).

Last update: 2024-04-19